Spotlight Shop- Samia Lynn

So many little girls dream about their wedding dress. I was no different as a child. I imagined the day where I would walk down the aisle in a fluffy white dress to marry the man of my dreams. I like to be unconventional in all that I do. At the same time, I am … Continue reading Spotlight Shop- Samia Lynn


Spotlight Shop- 2by2 Creative

This holiday season I would like to highlight some of my favorite shops, boutiques, and vendors. First on the list is 2by2creative. You may know them already... A majority of you may already know this company through Pinterest. They made this program, a regular favorite on Pinterest.   Being the crazy person that I am, I … Continue reading Spotlight Shop- 2by2 Creative

Special Reception Details in a DIY Wedding

I believe things in life should be personal and meaningful. When planning our wedding,  I decided I wanted our guests to feel our love, family, and friendship throughout the day. I worked really hard to make our wedding reception a beautiful experience for our guests. Some details went noticed by guests, and others were a private … Continue reading Special Reception Details in a DIY Wedding