2017: The Best Year Yet

2017 was a year for the books. It was a year full of changes, challenges, and choices. I remember last New Years. As the ball dropped taking us into 2017, I thought about how I finally reached so many new stages of my life. That New Years, I focused on the fact I would be … Continue reading 2017: The Best Year Yet


Vatican City

After a morning exploring Rome, I found myself standing on the border between two places. One place was a world of history I had only learned in history books and movies. The other was a place built for the entire purpose of my being. The Vatican is not located in Italy, but in it's own … Continue reading Vatican City

When in Rome…

When in Rome you will be surrounded by history. Every turn you take you are soaking in the rich culture of not only Italy, but the world. My husband and I wanted our honeymoon to not be a standard tourist trip. We wanted to see what the locals do, experience some cooking lessons, and just … Continue reading When in Rome…


Happy in Italy

Day 3 of our cruise was Olbia, Italy. Olbia in Italian means "happy", which is a perfect word to describe this small city. I have to admit that out of all our stops in Italy this was the place I knew the least about. I never heard of Olbia before my trip, but now I … Continue reading Happy in Italy


Living to the Fullest in Livorno

Day 2 of the Honeymoon of a lifetime, and we arrived in Livorno, Italy. Yes, you heard right. Italy! This is literally the day I have waited for my entire life. I always dreamed of going to Italy, and crossing off the #1 on my Bucket List. When we woke up, we decided to have breakfast … Continue reading Living to the Fullest in Livorno


Vive la France!

  Our first port of call on our Honeymoon Mediterranean cruise was Villefranche, France. We were very excited for the day to have our first adventure in Europe together. We went on the Saint Paul de Vence Disney Port Adventure. The morning started off on everyone taking a tender boat from the Disney Magic to the shore. … Continue reading Vive la France!


Mini-Moon in Virginia

Taking a long honeymoon right after the wedding was not possible for us. We decided to take our honeymoon a few months after our wedding. Even though we were waiting, we knew we did not want to go straight back to our place, work, and every day schedule the day after our wedding. We started … Continue reading Mini-Moon in Virginia