Mix & Match Bridesmaid Dresses

Bridesmaids. Easy part is picking the amazing ladies who get to stand next to you on your special day. The hardest part is what will they be wearing when they are up there next to you. The journey for me was a long decision that required a great deal of research, and even a few trips to boutiques in person.

To help you plan your special day, check out my suggestions below on how I finally chose the amazing dresses!

Buy THE dress first ( aka your wedding gown)

This is a tip that is said often, but is not always followed. While I did a good portion of my wedding planning before I bought my dress, it was not until I purchased my gown that I had finally was able to form a cohesive vision of the big day. The bridesmaid dresses need to match your dress in some way- whether it be style, the vibe, material, etc…

Figure out your must-haves

Once you figure out what type of wedding dress you have/will be buying, you need to figure out a list of qualities you want the bridesmaids to dresses to have to compliment your gown. Their dresses should not distract from your own, but enhance all the beautiful details you loved about it when you bought it.

My Bridesmaid Dresses Must Haves
– elegant
– floor length
– vintage
– something that remind me of watercolor
– comfortable for all the girls

Choose a Color Scheme


I mentioned before that the bridesmaid dresses should match the bridal gown, so you may be surprised when I tell you that I did not want “matchy” dresses. There are numerous ways you can go about choosing the colors for the dresses- having it match your color scheme, your favorite color, or the location.
*It is important no matter how you decide you choose the color scheme, that you make sure it goes with the season that wedding is taking place in. Stick to softer colors in the spring/summer and rich deeper tones in the fall/winter. Pinterest can be a big help with this.

My Color Scheme
– I did not want all the girls wearing the same colors. I have a huge fan of watercolors, and I wanted the girls to look like they flew out of a watercolor painting. I wanted to convey my love of art, creative ideas, and flowing soft romantic fabrics in shade of blue.

Choose the Brand

Screen Shot 2017-06-14 at 2.35.55 PM

Photo from Jenny Yoo Website

Once I took a look at my must-haves and the colors scheme I desired, I began my search for the brand that fit all my criteria. There are numerous bridesmaid dress designers- local boutiques, online stylist websites, small website shop ( asos.com is one of my favorite sites), or chains such as David’s and Alfred Angelo.

My Brand: Jenny Yoo
Style of Dress: Annabelle in Tulle
Colors Chosen: Mayan Blue, Ciel Blue, and Vintage Teal

I ended up choosing a dress that was convertible so all the girls had to buy the same dress. I originally wanted them to buy separate dresses with a mix of prints/styles/colors, but it was not working out for me. ( If you could do this, I totally recommend!)

The best thing about Jenny Yoo is that the dresses are designed to be mix and matched so you can be as conservative or daring as you like. I ended choosing three different colors that were not listed together, and just went with my own vision. It was a total risk, but in the end it came out perfect. I helped my bridesmaids research different styles on Youtube, Jenny Yoo’s website, and Pinterest. There are countless! The more adventurous you are, the better it will look!


Mix and match

It definitely was trickily choosing who would wear each  color and style. It was crucial everyone received the right color based upon the lineup during the ceremony ( I did not want two of the same colors standing next to each other). Also, I wanted every one of my bridesmaid to shine their stunning personalities by have an unique style. I did not want any of their styles the same- just like how none of them are the same! Help your bridesmaid choose their style by giving options to choose from, and try to narrow it down to two choices for each girl before their fittings.



Photography: Jeff Dietz Photography My bridesmaids and I on my wedding day! Left to Right: Ciel Blue, Mayan Blue, Vintage Teal, Vintage Teal, Mayan Blue, Ciel Blue



Take away tips
– make sure YOU are happy with the bridesmaid dresses ( you will be the one looking at the photos forever and ever)
– they need to compliment the wedding gown
– color(s) do not need to match the rest of your wedding details, but should blend well with the season
-the fabric you choose is just as important as the colors you choose
– bridesmaids should feel comfortable in them ( you want them to shine)
– have the dresses be a reflection of you and your girls





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