Wedding Programs

unnamed-3Wedding planning has gained a great deal of attention with shows on television, magazines, countless Pinterest boards, and blog posts. Through my time planning, I noticed most of the ideas shared were centered around the reception. This caused some difficulty for a person like me, who wanted the ceremony to be even more special than the reception. After all, the ceremony is where the actual marriage is formed.

Looking back on my wedding day, I can honestly say the ceremony was incredibly special. I received countless comments regarding the love, holiness, and faith felt by everyone that day. My hard work of incorporating our personalities, faith, and family into the ceremony was a success.

I look forward to sharing the numerous details for my wedding ceremony. Today, I start off by sharing my wedding program.

I wanted a soft and elegant feeling to our wedding day. I used the idea of “watercolors” to incorporate that feeling into the day. In order to complete this, I really wanted a watercolor program. Through my Pinterest searches, I kept coming across this program and fell in love. After a few Google searches I was able to find the studio behind this masterpiece!


I contacted 2by2Creative, a darling studio from across the pond. 2by2Creative is located in Hampshire, England, and their founder, Natalie, went above and beyond for all my needs. With a quick snapshot of the church, I was able to have 2by2Creative capture the stunning venue of our first day as husband and wife.


After the cover was finished, the next part was the wording. This was trickier, and was solved through combining a couple of Pinterest ideas together. I added a few personal touches and stories to make these programs more “us”.


Wedding programs are a perfect way to set the stage for the beginning of the two of you as a couple. Take the time to do research, and pick the wording/design that best fits you as a couple.







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