A Letter to Alzheimer’s

    Dear Alzheimer's, I feel like this letter is long overdue, and I am sorry for the delay. I've been meaning to say something to you for a long time now, but words have never seemed like enough. You probably know this by now, but I think of you every single day. November is … Continue reading A Letter to Alzheimer’s


Special Reception Details in a DIY Wedding

I believe¬†things in life should be personal and meaningful. When planning our wedding, ¬†I decided I wanted our guests to feel our love, family, and friendship throughout the day. I worked really hard to make our wedding reception a beautiful experience for our guests. Some details went noticed by guests, and others were a private … Continue reading Special Reception Details in a DIY Wedding

Vatican City

After a morning exploring Rome, I found myself standing on the border between two places. One place was a world of history I had only learned in history books and movies. The other was a place built for the entire purpose of my being. The Vatican is not located in Italy, but in it's own … Continue reading Vatican City